VESUVIO in Churrasco version is a grill stoked with embers (charcoal or woods), equipped with a great cooking area. Its peculiarity is the “fire door bar” that, thanks to its height regulation, limits to the bbq chef the frontal heat caused by embers or fire. As embers will be ready, it will slide into an appropriate embers container inside the grill. Between the container and the door, there is a pull out case which avoid heat to spread and consequently to overheat the grill allowing the bbq chef to cook safely. The cooking area is made of stainless steel and is composed by a grooved support, which holds up the swords with wooden handles, and which allows their rotation ensuring an even food cooking. Inside the grill, through the lower door, there is an inner tray where to put the accessories but also useful to keep food warm. At the base of the grill, there is a stainless steel profile with adjustments feet.


Inox   Black   Cor-Ten


Total height (cm):  230 
Total depth (cm): 81
Total width (cm):  92 
Kg (accessories not included):  170
Cooking area measure (cm):  85x40 


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