RELAX is a portable barbecue made of stainless steel Aisi304 sheet Th.1 and 2mm or in black painted steel. Stoked with embers (charcoal or wood), manageable, stable and safe.

The convenient handle is fixed to a “crown” which function also as a fixing support for the legs (the only pieces to screw). In case the Bbq will be put on a countertop and the legs won't be used, the “crown” will distance the grill from the surface, avoiding the touch. Opening the cover, the two removable grates allow to cook needed food quantity and the side ventilation holes, permit a quick lighting and keep the embers on while supplying the charcoal. The two sides trays, are easily hanged to the structure and can be used not only as practical shelves, but also to hang cutlery set or gloves. The use of this barbecue is perfect on terraces or during picnics, trips or camping holidays: once closed, it is easy to cram thanks to its small sizes.


DIMENSION                                          OPEN                               CLOSED

Height (cm) :                                     19 - 62                                   40

Depth (cm) :                                         51                                        25  

Width (cm):                                          83                                       44        

Weight kg:                                            10 - 15                       

Cooking area (cm):                             21x42  ( x2 )


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