Cod. Art. JO02

JOY, churrasco version, is a barbecue stoked with embers (charcoal or wood), manageable and easily movable. The cooking area is composed by 4 stainless steel skewers and 2 fluted supports which allows the swords rotation, ensuring an even food cooking. Stoking is easy: the lower front opening permits the embers to slide into the inner embers container. The distance between the food and the embers is about 45cm: cooking will be slower and the food will keep its taste and flavour: this is the typical characteristic of Churrasco. On both sides there are stainless steel shelves, equipped with hooks for cutlery set or gloves. Once closed, it is easy to cram, thanks to the two wheels.


Height (cm) :                                     110                 

Depth (cm) :                                     50                   

Width (cm) :                                      50                   

Weight (accessories not included) Kg:                  40                   

Cooking area (cm) :                                       45x45


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Joy 02