Cod. Art. JO01

JOY, grill version, is a barbecue stoked with embers (charcoal or wood), manageable and easily movable.  The practical grate, made of stainless steel Aisi304, is equipped with side handles, that allow easy removal and cleaning. Opening the upper door, there are 2 stainless steel runners which allow to pull out the drawer (at 15 cm from the grate) where to load and re-load the ember. On both sides there are stainless steel shelves, equipped with hooks for cutlery set or gloves. Once closed, it is easy to cram, thanks to the two wheels.



Height (cm) :                                     110                 

Depth (cm) :                                     50                   

Width (cm) :                                      50                   

Weight (accessories not included) Kg:                  40                   

Cooking area (cm) :                                       45x45


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Joy 01