Cod. Art. EA01 / EA02 / EA03

EASY is a modular structure made of stainless steel AISI304, complete with swords and various screws. This structure, certainly innovative, is well suited to be used in every occasion: at home or outdoors as it can be placed either in the indoor fireplaces (including those with the glass door) or on a simple countertop or in a brick BBQ. EASY is in fact a valid alternative to the classic barbecue, thanks to the fact that it is universal because it can be completely modular and disassembled. Grilling with EASY is easy: just stick the meat in the skewers and then place them on the supports which are adjustable in height, width and depth depending on the dimension of the bbq or fireplace used. It is also easy to clean (can also be washed in a dishwasher), to be stored and transported.



Height (cm) :                                       from 12 to  37          

Depth (cm) :                                     from 28 to 40             

Width (cm) :                                      from 33 to 53              

Weight (accessories not included) Kg:                  from 4 to 8


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