BROMO, Churrasco version, is a grill stoked with embers (charcoal or wood), equipped with a great cooking area. Its peculiarity is the “wood container” made of stainless steel: as embers is formed slides inside the grill, into an appropriate sliding and removable embers container, which could be positioned at three different heights for a better heat transfer and according to cooking needs. A “split embers” has been planned: it enables to optimize heat transfer according to the quantity of swords to use. To guarantee  barbecue chef safety, there are internal removable covers that limit high temperatures spread. The cooking area is made of stainless steel and there are also two grooved supports which hold up the swords with wooden handles and which allows their rotation (till 45 degrees) ensuring an even food cooking. The access to embers container, swords holder and to convenient sliding accessories holder shelves, to use only when embers is off, is through side doors. In the lower part of the grill, there are adjustment feet or alternatively wheels.


Inox   Black   Cor-Ten


Total height (cm):  132 
Total depth (cm): 82
Total width (cm):  110
Kg (accessories not included):  100
Cooking area measure (cm):  82x44 


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